Challenge And Change: All-American Slurp By Lensey Namioka

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Challenge and Change The use of an obstacle is to be overcome, and the meaning of an obstacle is not to frighten people, but to challenge and change people. Life is a difficult, challenging journey. Everyone has their own life to live, and their own obstacles to pass through. No matter how fast they can overcome the obstacles, it only matters how they learn and gain experiences from every challenge. Life is the climb, there will be many barriers that may block the way of success, but people will find that every time they overcome one barrier, they realize who they really are, and how much they have changed. There are a lot of different kinds of obstacles that people have to face, especially the challenge of adaptation. Every person who has…show more content…
Not only the young daughter Lin, but also everyone who tries to live and fit in different country with a strange culture always finds a big challenge of adaptation. Every country has different tradition, culture, and custom, it makes people find difficulties in changing themselves to fit in the new life. However, it also causes many positive effects on people by changing their point of view and personalities. During the story “All- American Slurp”, the Lins find the hard ways in learning American culture. They try to act professionally like the other Americans, especially the young daughter Lin. Even though the young daughter Lin has failed sometimes, but through it she is being changed her minds and personalities by the struggle of adaptation. The young daughter Lin says, “I understood the message, the Gleasons were not used to Chinese ways, and they were just coping the best they could” (Namioka). Because of the challenge, the young daughter Lin knows that everyone is the same when they try to learn something new. Overcoming the obstacle of adaptation is not as hard as the young daughter Lin’s thoughts because as long as she tries her best, everything is going to be okay. Through this struggle, she is changed on her point of view. She becomes more mature and thinks wisely.…show more content…
The challenge of adaptation is just the way that helps people be more courageous to find their suitable place in life. Moreover, it does not matter how hard the obstacle is, it only matters how people change themselves to be better. According to the story, Nancy Lee is Negro American who tries to win the Art Club scholarship, which can help her adapt herself in a life of American. However, no matter how hard Nancy Lee tries to adjust herself, the committee still denies her efforts. Ignoring that, Nancy Lee still raises her head up and smiles, “This won’t keep me down. But when I’m a woman, I’ll fight to see that these things don’t happen to other girls as this happened to me” (Hughes). Even though Nancy Lee is disqualified to receive the scholarship, she still accepts it and lets it pass. Nancy chooses to face her own struggle by using it as her own advances instead of letting it paralyze her. Moreover, because of her decision, Nancy Lee becomes more mature and responsible. After overcoming the great pain, she realizes what she supposes to do to help other people and herself overcome the valley of challenge of adaptation. This challenge also affects positively on Nancy Lee by helping her have more courage and power to change the America’s rules, and by that way other colored people will have a chance to adapt

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