Change In American Culture Essay

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There has been great change overtime in the raising and empowerment of adolescents. Teenagers today are more liberated than teenagers of any other time period (most likely excluding Roman Empire.) Parents give more freedom to their children to explore the world around them and the world has also become more explicit in showing its daily debauchery some may say. More teenagers attend high school now then any other period in history. Today’s teenagers have a lower drop out rate with a higher percentage of completion for a high school degree. What shocked me most during my interview was hearing that in the particular part of Haiti that my subject lived in, at the time, was prone to having all children in school either by private institution (for those who could afford it) or by public institutions funded by government programs. Homework wasn’t given but studying was a must and quizzes were given regularly the following day. During those days long ago in Haiti unless you were of a poor farming family children were no expected to work…show more content…
Because of the lack of cars at the time the only means of transportation were foot, horses and donkeys or mules for the poor. Excursions into the mountain to admire the beauty of nature were common sight. Movies and plays were much frequented by the people and discos were only present for the rich. I see a great difference in the lifestyle described to me and the “loud music blaring joyride” society that is now current. There is freedom of expression in many ways and the fashion of our times might seem risqué now but might be deemed illegal in some old burlesque house. The right to make decisions has been thrust upon the youth. There is less power in hands of parents as to what children can see and physical abuse is regulated now by the government. My interview subject said it from the elder view best, “These kids have too much freedom and too little
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