Childhood Socialization Essay

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Have a little read: ... Discuss the view that Childhood is Social Construction The social construction of childhood means that childhood is not natural, it is a result of society, labeling and identifying a phase of life and giving the meaning to behavior during that phase. Sociologists accept that children are biologically different to adults but the meaning of these biological differences is defined by society. Aries says that industrialisation in the 19th century changed the position of children. Before industrialisation children were seen as mini-adults they dressed like their parents and did the same sort of work in the fields and homes and like their parents had no formal education. Aries says that after industrialisation society saw children differently from adults and society was concerned about the physical and moral well being of young people. Children where now expected to undertake years of formal education and often learn things their parents do not understand. Today families are often seen as child centered because couples have a fewer children and have more money and leisure time for their children. Gittens describes children as a luxury to be encouraged by adults and like a luxury people talk about to 'afford' a child. Certainly, raising children today extremely expensive and can last until their early 20's. The Functionalist Musgrove, "Youth and Social Order" says that modern society children are of no economic use because compulsory education up tp the age of 20 and because of laws, which control the work, that under 16's can does. In our society children are seen as dependent and weak. Modern industrialisation society requires complex skills and so children have to under go a long process of socialisation and education and skilling which makes childhood in Britain last for as much as 16 years. In the past when children had an economic role their
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