Questions On The Social Construction Of Childhood

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Questions on the Social Construction of Childhood Article by Hugh Cunningham What is meant by the social construction of child? Social construction of childhood can be defined as taught behavior. It comes at a time where rules and regulations, values are placed by parents highly on children as soon as they are born. Sociologist believe that this should be changed by listening more to children and hearing what they have to say. How does society currently view children? Society believes that every child has a right to have a childhood, children currently have right not to work, they also don’t have to be in contact with any adult criminal justice system, all these examples of rights are designed to give a child happy environment as it is believed that a happy child will learn to be a better person in the future. How were adult and children’s worlds different in the earlier 20th century? Adults had to provide for their children, children are completely dependent on their parents and protected. While parents worked children were in school their lives were quite separate from adult life by getting children to interact with their age groups, and places like pub were forbidden for children to be in. While adults had to face the criminal charges for their wrong activity, children were not faced with harsh adult criminal justice system. How happy were children in 20th century? There were many positive statistics in twentieth century regarding children and everyone seemed to be optimist about their future as before they were faced with child labor, which led them to criminality, mortality rates were higher or ill health. What did Wilmot and Young find about working class families? Wilmot and Young documented a shift of attention and power towards children. They researched working class families, one of the family members Mrs. Glass described the differences of
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