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Today's celebrity culture is an extension of a collective preoccupation with the famous. The word “Celebrity” is defined as a celeb in popular culture and has a prominent profile and commands a great degree of public fascination. However, the definition of celebrity has raised up some questions like “What should a celebrity do?” Instead of just being devices for marketing films, music or the consumer products they endorse, the celebrities have become products themselves. So if I become a celebrity, I will definitely take up my responsible and there are ten things I will do for my beloved country, Malaysia. Firstly, if I become a celebrity, I will like to put on a cultural fair and held a talent show which can be an entertaining and educational way to display a variety of our cultures in Malaysia. Malaysia is known for its diversified and rich cultural heritage due to the people of various ethnicity in Malaysia. However, the authentic cultural performances are too underrated these days. As a celebrity, I will like to hold a talent show to display various components of each participating cultural group. The talents can be anything the group finds significant and distinct in its respective culture, ranging from musical performances to traditional folk dances. I will do this to encourage my fans to know more about our cultural and races, also providing them an oppurtunity to understand Malaysia’s community. Furthermore, I will give away album related to Malaysia’s traditional music. Percussion instruments such as traditional drums will be use to create the music and act as a form of long distance communication. I will like to interest fans to know more about our traditonal music and prove to people around the world that Malaysia have unique traditonal instruments. In addition, I will also add on some Malaysia poster cards to the album as a result in showing respect and

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