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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins Catching fire is the second book in The Hunger Games and starts out with the main character Katniss Everdeen back in District 12 in the woods. She waits for Gale, her best friend, hoping for him to come because ever since the Games, their relationship has been rocky. After, she and Peeta won the 74th Hunger Games; her life has been pretty easy. She has no need to hunt because she is now living in Victor Village with Haymitch and Peeta. Peeta and Katniss haven’t talked since they have gotten home. When Katniss is at home, the President is there to speak to her. He says that she has basically started a rebellion ever since she pulled out those berries. Now, she must convince the whole nation it was out of an act of love. When she and Peeta leave for the Victor Tour, the bond and become very close. After, she is engaged to Peeta and learns she didn’t prevent the rebellion. Now, districts 8, 11, and 3 are rebelling against the Capitol. Ever since she kissed Gale, things aren’t working out for her. Now, there is a new Head Peace Keeper named Thread and he is going back to the old ways which means whipping and death sentences. In all the mess, the 75th Hunger Games is coming up and that means it’s a Quarter Quell. This means the games are extra terrible. This years quarter quell requires the tributes to be chosen from the remaining pools of victors. For Katniss, this means she is heading back into the arena and with a new goal, to keep Peeta alive. Once in the games, the arena is like a big clock with different hazards happening every hour in a different part of the arena. They team up with Finnick and Mags, the District 4 tributes. In three days, over half are already dead. And now, they have teamed up with Johanna, Beetee, and Wiress. Soon, there plan was to shock the remaining two tributes from the same district, but the plan went

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