Argumentative Essay: The War In Iraq

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Controversy surrounds the world. One of them includes the controversy in Iraq. I personally feel that there are more cons then pros surrounding the issue. We live in a time of peace, not war. Money and lives are being lost, apparently for the greater good, but this is not the case. What kind of message do we really want to be sending across to children? Fighting is good perhaps? Or fighting has alternatives? Why did America invade Iraq, and are still there? This is the million dollar question on everyone’s mind. America invaded Iraq on the bases that Saddam Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction. That’s what the bush administration “believed”. Before they invaded Iraq they “asked” the U.N if they could look into the matter and search Iraq for WMD. The U.N…show more content…
Look at it from this point, before the invasion of the coalition. There was electricity, jobs, clean water, food and are now on the brink of civil war between Sunni and Shiat Muslims. There does not go a day in Iraq with out civilian casualties and American troops dying. On average 6.2 Americans die a day. Since the collapse of SH regime more Americans have died after the war .77% of Iraqis would rather the coalition never come because before they came to the “rescue” there was stability in the region. You wonder how America could be losing so much men & women. America had created so much trouble that they ruined so many lives. One of these examples was on a documentary on date line about this female professor who lived smack bang in the middle of Bagdad with her son and husband. Her husband is a pharmacist and she was a teacher at the local university. Her son was a typical normal boy who loved to study and wanted to become a doctor. but then the war started to play a role into his life. In a matter of months he traded in his text books for an AK 47 and the knowledge on how to build a bomb, and America thinks there doing it for the good of the

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