Julia Butterfly Hill Research Paper

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Her journey began after a wreck in August of 1996 that shoved a steering wheel into her skull and changed the course of her life forever. Almost a year later she was able to walk and talk and be normal again. At that time she decided everything she had taken for granted had been almost taken away from her, and she had to start focusing her attention and her life on the real and important things. And so she thought the way to do that was to begin a spiritual journey. The woman described above is Julia Butterfly Hill, a determined twenty-three-year-old preacher’s daughter from Arkansas who in December of 1997 climbed one-hundred and eighty feet into a thousand-year-old redwood tree named Luna in Humboldt County of California. She promised not to leave the top of that tree until Luna was guaranteed permanent protection from Pacific Lumber/Maxxam Corporation’s clear cutting policies; which she saw as destructive. Hill stuck to her promise and lived on a small platform built on that redwood tree for more than two years, bringing international attention to the destruction of the redwoods. As a result of her efforts, more people than ever before have become aware of controversial clear cutting practices. While an agreement allowed Hill to descend from her perch and Luna to escape destruction, most of the surrounding old-growth forest in the region…show more content…
The disputed issues involved politics, religion, racial predisposition, economic inequality and so on. It can involve an organization or an individual in order to achieve goal through civil disobedience. Julia Butterfly Hill also conveyed her message to everyone through the act of civil disobedience. Hill took her public role as a modern-day civil disobedient seriously which created an awareness that added to her credibility as a writer and an
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