The Hunger Games Hero's Journey

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The Hero’s Journey Report on “The Hunger Games” Joseph Campbell has written a “Hero’s Journey” which externally reflects the Greek civilization in its order and flexible society to take steps to become a greater Greek soldier. In Suzanne Collin’s novel “The Hunger Games,” the story of Katniss Everdeen, a girl from District Twelve in post-apocalyptic earth, faces many trials and terrors when she is sent to participate in the annual Hunger Games. “The Hero’s Journey” is seen all throughout this story, and is able to pin point the exact moments when Katnisses life turns upside down. Through out the book, we see Katniss transform from a barley-surviving citizen to the outer district to the heroin of the novel. Katnisses death is foreshadowed…show more content…
In this novel, the main character Katniss, who possesses the ability to hunt with great ease and expertise, is called to saving her sister Prims life when she is announced as a tribute. When the representatives from the capitol of her world come to her district for the annual reaping, or when two people are chosen from each district to participate as ‘tributes’ in the Hunger Games, Katnis realizes that her life will never be the same, and for her Prims life is much more important then her own. Katnip as her beloved friend would call her does something completely unheard of and volunteers herself to go to the games in place of her sister. “Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.” She is chosen to go alongside the son of District Twelve’s bakers, Peeta Mellark. After the reaping, she and Peeta are sent to the capitol, where they are prepared to face the capitol, their people, and above all the Hunger Games. Katniss then goes into the phase of the steps called ‘Refusal of call/reluctant hero’, thus is when the hero, Katniss refuses to believe that she is the true hero of the novel. Believing in herself was an unimportant task because we see, Katniss being discouraged and frail, believing she will never

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