Catcher in the Rye Psychoanalysis

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Doctor on Case: Dr. Hayes ------------------------------------------------- Patient Name: Holden Caulfield ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Date of Admittance (or Treatment): April 13th, 1950 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Date of Release: January 21st, 1951 ------------------------------------------------- Dear Mr. and Mrs. Caulfield, I am Dr. Hayes a certified Clinical Psychologist and psychoanalyst at The Preserve. Over the past nine months I have worked directly with your son Holden. During his stay, I have been monitoring his behavior meticulously to ensure he receives the most beneficial treatment we have to offer. After close analysis, the psychology team and I have come to a consensus that Holden suffers from Clinical Depression. Depression ranges in seriousness from mild, temporary episodes of sadness to severe, as well as persistent depression. Doctors use the term "Clinical Depression" to describe the more severe form of depression also known as "major depression". Clinical Depression is marked by a depressed mood most of the day as well as a loss of interest in normal activities and relationships. Clinical Depression is most often triggered by a traumatic experience in ones life such as the loss of a family member. Recurring thoughts of suicide, disconnect from society, a lack of motivation and the abuse of drugs and alcohol are also common symptoms of Clinical Depression. Holden exhibits many of the symptoms of Clinical Depression, which are ultimately causing him to retreat from society as well as having a hopeless outlook on life. Holden frequently talks about his brother and infers the importance of Allie and the traumatic effects it had on is life when he “disappeared”. On July 18th, 1946 Allie

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