Depression in Children/Adolescents Essay

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DEPRESSION IN CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENCE AN ASSIGNMENT PRESENTED TO MRS. FAITH THOMAS IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE COURSE CHILD & ADOLESCENT GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING DEPARTMENT OF BEHAVIOURAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES BY SAMANTHA MARTIN-ROBERTSON KINGSTON, JAMAICA APRIL 2, 2013 Introduction Humans are fragile beings, similar to the grass of the field which is here today and gone tomorrow. The body and mind are subjected to many physical and psychological disorders in which many people suffer immensely through them. Depression is one disorder that people go through and among them are children and adolescents. It is a mood disorder defined as “a state of despondency marked by feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness” . It falls under the umbrella of psychopathology and can result in suicidal death among those who have lost hope. As children and adolescents go through their different developmental stages they experience periods of depression that range between mild and severe, which may not be persistent or even impair their normal functioning. According to Mufson, et al. (2004), they may go through a day or week feeling sad in which they are irritable, moody, bored or lack interest in some facets of life. However, when there are signs and symptoms of “dramatic mood swings, cognitive distortions, and increasing conflicts with parents or peers are those adolescents more likely to be psychiatrically ill” . There are psychotherapy/psychiatric treatments and routine practices for depression to help to steer the depressed individual or group into more wholesome living and powerful positive cognition. Hence, the depressed person and other parties involved can live a more normal and productive life with effective follow-up. This paper will outline the types of depression,
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