Catcher In The Rye Holden's Personality Traits

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Holden’s personality has always had much distinction; his two life traumas are able to give the audience a small glimpse into Holden’s peculiar set of hidden emotions and characteristics. Alllie, Holden’s brother, makes Holden go into a transformation of his personality that makes him loose his innocence. Holden’s age targets readers in high school and effectively attains their attention due to the close relation with Holden’s lifestyle. His traits are hidden just like many of the great abilities of high school students struggling to find their place. Apart from having hidden characteristics, Holden has the typical desires that many high school students also pursuit: sex, alcohol, and money. Luckily, Holden’s desire goes much deeper than just…show more content…
Holden’s character appears to be: sordid, emotionally deep, and compassionate but his emotions interfere and are revealed. When Holden hears Sunny’s “tiny little wheeny-whiny voice”, he notices that it was even harder to hear her because “she was very nervous, for a prostitute” (Salinger pg. 94). Sunny’s pronounced personality traits immediately impact Holden; her neurotic behavior gave Holden an insecure impression and her childish voice made her appear immature, which made Holden think of her youth, making him feel immoral. Holden once again notices Sunny’s humane nature when she says, “ like fun you are”, instead of saying a more bitter response (Salinger pg.94). Holden repeatedly said he felt “sad”, thinking of Sunny “going in a sore and buying” the green dress, who would unexpectedly and sadly be used for prostitution (Salinger pg. 95) As Holden got more personal with Sunny, she revealed her actions before “going to work”. Holden begins to imagine Sunny in her day hours, thinking of her as a person instead of a whore. As Holden got closer to sex he tried to be more societal with her, to forbear sexual relations , and to talk to her instead: “I said I’d pay you for coming and all” (Salinger pg. 96). Sunny’s stressing intention to be amorous to seduce Holden, to get money, and to do her job becomes effortless with Holden’s compassion and ability to put himself in other’s
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