Dude You'Re a Fag

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Dude You’re a Fag Summary For most individuals, high school is place where one begins to develop a more tangible sense of self and identity. Adolescents tend to realize their identities through the ideas of society that is around them. High school is an extremely difficult environment for young people when it comes to the formation of their sexuality and gender identity. In regards to male adolescents, the importance of obtaining a greater amount of masculinity would prevent the occurrence of being called a “fag”. C.J. Pascoe’s Dude You’re a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School gives great insight into modern youth in the high school setting and how relationships between gender and sexuality may be embedded in major learning institutions. The book focuses on the male population in the high school setting and how males constantly display signs of their idea of masculinity and attacking those who do not obtain such masculinity by labeling them as a “fag”. Pascoe explains that perpetuating the ideas of masculinity in high school and other institutions leads to the formation of a defined line between what is perceived as normal masculine behavior and what is not. Pascoe’s book explicitly reveals societies obsession with masculine identity and the fear of “faggoty” behavior. The first chapter of Pascoe’s book focus on the ideas of adolescents “making masculinity” in the high school setting. She begins the chapter with a narrative of a school assembly that she observed at the high school in which was conducted her research. In the student performed skit that she observed Pascoe notes about the numerous signs masculinity, heterosexuality, and femininity within the skit and how it was used for comedy purposes. The student’s presentation was bold in the use of stereotypes, however it created notions of masculinity through sexualized perceptions.
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