Catcher In The Rye Songs

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Jeffrey Cross Mrs. Vogt The Catcher in the Rye/ A.D.H.D. Kendrick Lamar Constantly we hear Holland just expressing his crazy feelings, he is just out of control, he can’t handle himself. Throughout the book he always is just unsure about himself and he really is a rebel, considering he does anything he wants at anytime. The song A.D.H.D. really just talks about how a life is spiraling in a downhill circle. The song describes a man who just can’t handle the world. Things are getting crazy and he can’t focus. He takes up drinking obsessively and smokes till his lungs are full of smoke. At the end of the book he says “Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody.” I see this as like he’s better now but he just had this guard up all the time…show more content…
His sister wasn’t even born; his brother took care of his own business. I mean Holland had a tough childhood as in socially and being with his family. Money wise he had it all and that’s another problem. He might have it all but it hurt him because he had nothing to work for, life was a breeze. He thought he didn’t need family and his family didn’t need him. The song also displays a little scene with a girl about the age of 22. In the book girls really affected his destructive mind. Jane, Sally, and Sunny all play a major roll. With Jane he realizes that he can’t just have anything at instant gratification and he may have to wait for the good things. Not money or fame but like sentimental things and things that are hard to come by. With Sunny he just needed someone to talk to even though she was a prostitute she was sort of listening. That’s all Holden needed was someone to listen to him, to hear his problems. With Sally he learns about sex because he goes to Carl and he told him a few things about sex. He was so called very educated in that
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