Seclusion In New York City: A Journey Of Holden Caulfield

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Seclusion in New York City: A Journey of Holden Caulfield In Catcher and the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Holden Caulfield is confused about himself and fails to make personal connections with his peers. In this Bildungsroman tale, a complex high school student takes a literal journey through New York City, but really he takes a figurative journey with himself. His life journey is relatable to Telemachus in the Odyssey; however, his views are more comparable to Creon from Antigone.(1A) His stubbornness can be associated with Oknokwo from Things Fall Apart. His stubborn outlook on society has taken him to New York City. Holden’s rebel-like outlook towards society shows his immature perception on life itself. His journey takes him through loneliness and seclusion, relaxation and unwinding, knowledge and wisdom. (5) In Catcher in the Rye, Holden is very lonely in his journey: his loneliness is expressed through his…show more content…
As Holden walks the streets aimlessly, he asks a pimp to have a prostitute sent to his room. After waiting for a long time, Sunny and Holden finally meet. While Sunny wants Holden to get to the point of their business he says, “Don’t you feel like talking for a while...What the heck do you wanna talk about… I don’t know nothing special. I just thought perhaps you might care to chat for a while.” (Salinger, 95) The reader might think that Holden wants a prostitute for his own sexual gain; however, he wants a companion to discuss his intricate feelings. The transaction for Sunny is to have sex with people and then get paid. Holden does not really want to talk about anything “special.” He tries to purchase a human connection which cannot be necessarily bought. Holden’s purchasing of a human connection demonstrates his loneliness through miscommunication. Despite his miscommunication with a lower authority, Holden also miscommunicates with a higher

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