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Carl Rogers : In-Depth Perspectives Lydia Friese PSY 330 Theories of Personality Peggy Allen 11/29/2010 In the information to follow I will provide specific information concerning Carl Rogers, as a psychological theorist. The evaluation will be based upon many perspectives of his life achievements as a whole. This Synopsis will include a pertinent historical presentation of Carl Rogers Life. Throughout his life he has acquired a passion for the study of Education for all individuals. This journey into Carl Rogers life will show causes for his motivation. His Hands on approach to theory will be apparent in his writings concerning a Therapist’s relationship with the client. This however, is solely a result of his passion for individual educational development. This will be apparent as well in the text to follow. As a strict follower of empirical research methodologies Carl Rogers becomes a successful psychological theorist from his Dissertation to that which follows. Industry professionals will be presented and these evaluations will prove his contribution to be true. Rogers Had a major impact on the psychological community as described in his biography. We begin this evaluation with a brief introduction into the stages of his life. Carl Rogers lived a long and very eventful life. With the influence of his parents, he was truly a product of his environment and learned in a fashion very similar to his fundamental beliefs. During a clash of his rearing as well as the diverse society within a college, Rogers’ learned many new perspectives on life. The cultivation of people in all walks of life to join and develop theory and ideas became an awakening based upon his narrow perspective. This developed and became his social outlet throughout college. A conservative upbringing combined with a liberal higher education caused this clinical psychologist

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