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Carl Rogers, The author of the essay “Communication: Its Blocking and its Facilitation”, presents the idea that communication between people today is struggling. Rogers states that the “major factors in blocking or impending communication” is due to “our very natural tendency to judge” other people’s thoughts, ideas, and opinions without ever being in their shoes (419). Rogers goes in depth on the overlaying problems of communication these days but also gives us various ways to help us communicate on a new level of understanding. When communicating with individuals, we must listen and not immediately judge the person. Rogers puts blame on this as one of the biggest reasons for communication breakdown. He states “the major barrier to mutual interpersonal communication is our very natural tendency to judge, to evaluate, to approve or disapprove, the statement of the person, or the other group” (419). By showing examples, Rogers strongly backs up his argument that people in general destroy communication because they do not respect the opinions of others. When someone is talking to us, in general, we “evaluate what has just been said” and then try and look at from where we stand on it (419). When this occurs, we are not fully in tuned to the other person’s stance. Which, in-turn creates a gap in the communication, and causes people to not fully understand the other. Feelings, whether in agreement or not, when brought into an argument will always heighten the intensity. Rogers presents the idea that “There will be just two ideas, two feelings, two judgments, missing each other in psychological space” (419). Even though people can be on different terms during an emotional argument, we must still try and understand the other, if not we will never make a connection. Rogers states that “when emotions are strongest” is when “it is most difficult to achieve the frame of

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