Caribbean Food Essay

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Chamieon Williams Leacock Caribbean Food The Caribbean is a place which is made up of islands surrounded by the sea. On these islands live people from every creed and race and these people create Caribbean Food. Caribbean food is created from different cultures from all over the world and can be found all in one location. This food is a combination of bits and pieces of traditional meals from other countries like Africa, India, and China along with Spanish and French influence. In Trinidad and Tobago their early inhabitants the Caribs and Arawaks adds to the tradition of Caribbean cooking. The food from the Caribbean is known to have a lot of herbs and spices such as nutmeg, ginger, curry, spice and pepper to name a few. These herbs and spices are used to entice the taste buds and encourage one to want more. Rice, provision and meals made from flour are main staples of the Caribbean. It isn’t complete without peas, stew meats and or soups. In other islands some may season their rice or add peas and meat to it and called it a Pelau or “Cook up’’. Since the Caribbean islands are surrounded by the sea, sea food is another tasty meal. In Trinidad and Tobago they enjoy different types of fish for instance red fish, king fish and shark which goes along great with fried bake or float made from flour. Barbados is known as the island of the “flying fish’’. Crab is another sea food; it goes hand in hand with callaloo and curry. Fruits add a sweet flavour to Caribbean cooking. Some are preserved to create delicious treats like red mango, pepper plum and tamarind balls. Some fruits do not require heat to enjoy it, a bite on a ripe julie mango says it all. In conclusion Caribbean food is authentic and many foreigners take the opportunity to visit the Caribbean not only for the beach or scenery but for its great tasting

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