Mexican American Cultural Diversity Research

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Hispanic American Diversity In this assignment I had to write about Mexican-American and Puerto Rican diversity. The other two that I chose to write about are Nicaraguans and Cubans. I want to start with the Mexican-American culture. This is a culture that I am somewhat experienced with. This culture is very much into family. They do not have big families in today’s world. Some of the older generations used to have six to seven siblings. In most Mexican families, the father provides most of the economic support and the mother is in charge of the household duties. The Mexican culture places much importance in friendship, honesty, personal honor, and hard work. Their official language is Spanish. The majority of Mexican society is Roman Catholic…show more content…
All family including uncles, aunts, and cousins live together. The oldest male is usually the one in charge of the family unit. Nicaraguans desire to have very large families. The men and women are seen as a very important person in society when they become a parent. They are very sociable. They value good humor, friendliness, respect, and honesty. Human beings are more important to them than schedules. The diet of most Nicaraguans consists of rice and beans, and some sort of meat. Corn is generally used in many meals. Most foods are fried in oil. Other dishes served are enchiladas, tortillas, and vigorón (vegetables and pork skins). People usually use knives and forks but will also use tortillas to scoop their food. The economy of Nicaragua is VERY poor. The average income for a family is a little more than $3,300. (ProQuest, 2007) Then I moved on to study the culture of Puerto Ricans. This culture has a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States. The head of their government is a locally elected governor. Citizens can start voting at the age of 18. The elections of Puerto Rico are held at the same time as the United States elections. The official language of Puerto Ricans is Spanish and English. The most commonly practiced religion is Roman Catholicism. The average yearly income is just above $19,000. If a Puerto Rican family immigrates to the United…show more content…
They are outgoing and love music, festivals, and dancing. They generally have an optimistic outlook when faced with hard times. They have very strong family ties. When the children marry, they usually live in the home until they can find a house for themselves. Housing is hard to find in Cuba. Despite troubles, Cubans value their dignity and are patriotic. A traditional Cuban meal is rice and beans. Rice is eaten with most meals along with sweet potatoes, plátanos (plantains), tomatoes, and potatoes. Corn is also a basis for many foods. Their favorite meat is roast pork. The most important meal for Cubans is dinner. The average Cuban rarely eats out because it is expensive. Most restaurants are owned by the government. (ProQuest,

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