Capital Wastelands Chapter 1 Summary

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Chapter 1 Washington D.C. The beautiful people of the Capital Wastelands live in joy from the Lone Wanderers heroic actions at ‘Project Purity’. He is alive… that’s all we know. Megaton-Our beloved town-Has had a large leak in radioactive gas. They were moved out of the town and were sent on a mission to find a new home. A few stayed… then it happened. A day later, Megaton blew up. They decided to go towards what was known as The Virginia Border. They were only about a mile from where they were. They found an old bunker and a cliff look-over. They started there. About 4 days in they finished the destroyed town. They went to go check the bunker out, but it was bolted shut and just decided not to try. Lucas Simms died a few days later… he

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