Persuasive Essay On Guantanamo Bay

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Guantanamo Bay Even after the horrors of the Jewish concentration camps in the 1940’s society has seemed to have learned very little about human rights and inequality for other people. Unfortunately there will always be people who think they’re better then someone else due to their culture religion etc. But, even today there are camps where people are being unjustly kept or being unjustly tortured. This is happening under counties that are supposed to be world leaders with more respect for other cultures; I’m talking about the prison Guantanamo Bay in the Cuba under US control. Around 600 detainees from over 40 countries are being held at Guantanamo Bay, much less people than camps in World War Two. But still the controversy brews over the facts of human rights and inequality. Guantanamo is a detention camp for “terrorists” or “enemy…show more content…
George Bush told America that the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were all threats to freedom and America. The funny thing is, is that no American has ever been held at Guantanamo. Therefore very few Americans have ever protested against Guantanamo Bay. The Canadian viewing of Guantanamo Bay is a little different because we have a young prisoner from Canada in there. Omar Khadr has been in Guantanamo since 2002 when he was 15, after throwing a grenade a Sgt. Chris Speer which killed him and wounded others. Omar Khadr has been raped, tortured and sexually harassed. And so Canada is multi-sided there is some people who agree with the majority of the Americans and there is the other side that believes that Guantanamo should be closed. On January 12, 2008 Barack Obama sign an Executive Order that will shut down the prison in Guantanamo Bay will be closed within the year....The only problem now is getting the prisoners back home because very few countries what the prisoners back. Bibliography
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