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"The Moonlit Road" Summary This horror story was told by three different narrators: Joel Hetman, Jr., Casper Gattan, and the late Julia Hetman with help from Medium Bayrolles. While Joel Hetman, Jr., was away at college, his father sent him a telegram, urging him to come home right away. When he returned, he discovered that his mother was brutally killed through strangulation. One day, Joel and his father were outside; Joel's father was certain that he saw someone out there, but Joel, Jr., couldn't see anything. A moment later, Joel's father disappeared; he was never heard from again. Next to tell their story was Casper Gattan, which was a name that he gave himself because he had no memories of childhood. When Casper Gattan returned from an out of town trip and was coming inside through the back door, he saw someone escape in the darkness just like Joel Hetman had. The last part he talked about is that he in a dream-like state strangles his wife in bed. Finally, the late Julia Hetman tells her story through Medium Bayrolles. She laid alone in bed when she first heard the foot steps up the stairs. What she called a Thing came and left her room. Shortly after, Julia heard more foot steps, and she thought that the Thing had returned. Then her life ended as she knew it. From this point, she told her story from her perspective as a ghost. She loved to watch her husband and son, and one night, her husband caught site of her and went crazy.

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