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The Lovely Bones 9/3/14 Brief overview: My book was about a girl named Susie who was murdered by George Harvey. He lured her into his underground fort in the cornfield late after school. Susie’s parents tried everything trying to find her. The detectives then found out she was dead. Susie’s dad kept trying to figure out who her murderer was. He then had the suspicion that it was George Harvey. George Harvey got rid of all the evidence and everytime he was interviewed they believed his story. When they finally started to find out that he did it he left before anyone could arrest him. Similarities: The people in the movie and book were all the same. Susie dies in the beginning. Susie was put in a safe. The mom leaves to get away from everything. Susie’s dad smashes all of his ships that he made when he finds out Susie died. Mr. Harvey leaves before anyone can find him. Susie is with the same people in heaven in both the movie and book. Differences: In the movie Susie was just murdered, but in the book she was murdered and raped. Susie’s dad has a heart attack at the end of the book. In the book Susie’s mom has an affair with the detective Len. In the movie and show a lot of the events happen at different times. For example: In the book Lindsay’s mom leaves towards the end of the book, but in the movie she leaves in the middle. In the book Mr. Harvey throws the safe in the sink hole with Susie’s body in it a couple days after he kills her, but in the movie he throws the safe in the sink hole in the end. In the book it says that Susie went into Ruth’s body, and made love to Ray, but in the movie it just shows her going into Ruth’s body and giving him a kiss. In the book it said that Sam and Lindsay found a house in the middle of nowhere and they stayed there, and were planning on fixing it up and getting married. The house is also where Susie and Ray did stuff

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