My Career as an Information Analyst Essay

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My Career as an Information Analyst Deciding on a career has been a hard task for me. My first career interest was to be a Chemist. In high school, chemistry was my favorite subject. I enjoyed learning the periodic table of elements. Learning the atomic numbers, chemical and physical properties were the high light of my day. When I finished high school, I enrolled in the Chemistry program at Fort Valley State College. My minor was Computer Science. After two years of quantitative and qualitative analyst and organic chemistry, I was dissatisfied. I had lost my desire for Chemistry. I withdrew from college the next semester. My computer crashed one day and a light bulb went off in my head. All this time, I had been overlooking the obvious. My path was now securely laid for a career in information technology as an information analyst. “An Information Analyst is expected to use knowledge and information management technologies to ensure the efficiency/effectiveness of business processes/practices.”(Career Builder 2007). The duties of an Information Analyst include researching the latest information security trends; reviewing and developing computer systems, computer languages, and data communication processes. They also research how IT systems are used and find ways to improve their usages and efficiency (Career Builder2007). A career as an Information Analyst usually requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming, or related field (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012-2013). In order for me to obtain this position, I must also have experience using Microsoft applications such as: Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Strong problem solving skills and a Mathematics background is also helpful. Some important qualities a person must possess are team orientation, and adaptability. They must also be detail oriented and demonstrate strong analytical and reporting

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