“Capital Punishment Should Be Introduced as a Means of Upholding Justice.”

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“Capital punishment should be introduced as a means of upholding justice.” How far do you agree with this statement? Discuss. The idea of capital punishment in order to bring justice is an absurd way of punishing those individuals who have disobeyed the law. Introducing capital punishment back into the society has been argued numerous times in order to reduce crime rates, and it has been shown that it does not reduce crime rates. In fact countries with capital punishments have an increased rate of crime compared to those countries without capital punishments. Capital punishment shouldn’t be introduced into the society because the legal system cannot always be exposed to the truth, there can be misconception here and there. There can also be people, who will become better citizen with a second chance, rehabilitation is very important for criminals. Lastly, capital punishment costs way more than life imprisonment. The idea of capital punishment shouldn’t even be considered. One of the reasons is the wrong accusations that courts make which cause the life of innocent individuals taken away from them for reason at all. For example, in 1989, Carlos de Luna was killed by lethal injection for the brutal murder of a single mother. Many years later it the cause was further investigated and it was found that Carlos de Luna did not kill the single mother. These types of cases happen frequently; in fact 1 in every 7 people who were executed is innocent. These types of mistakes happen because important cases are usually rushed and the lack of evidence that is crucial is not sufficient enough to reach a justice outcome. Cases like this show that capital punishments are sometimes just the result of an innocent person’s life. Not only does this result in taking away an innocent person life but it also affect the family of the person that got executed. In the novel the wife of

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