Is The Death Penalty Justified?

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Is the death penalty justified? Introduction Good morning to my lecture madam Judith Lee and my friends. Today I am going to talk about the argument of death penalty. What is death penalty? Death penalty is the heaviest punishment imposed on a criminal to death which is known as capital punishment. In many centuries ago, death penalty already existed and carried out to those criminal. For example, some oppressive historical penalties include boiling to death, slow slicing, burning and crushing by elephant or others. Nowadays, the issue of death penalty is still unsettling and debated in the Criminal Justice System. Since the capital punishment is still carry on, many opponents and defenders of the death penalty appeal to the sanctity of life. However, the death penalty is not justified. This is because death penalty is not an effective crime deterrent, executed innocent people and it needs a higher cost to carry on. First of all, some opponents argue that death penalty can help deter crime and protect public. For instance, the criminal will think twice before killing for fear of receive the strongest punishment. Death penalty actually is not an effective crime deterrent. This is because majority of people do not anticipate they will be caught. Some states in the United State such as New York, Hawaii, Alaska and Michigan do not use the death penalty had proved they had lower murder rate than the states that do. For example in 2004, crimes rate for states do not use the death penalty had 4.08 murders per 100000 inhabitants compare to states use death penalty had 6.32 murders per 100000 inhabitants. Besides that, Europe and Canada which without death penalty had lower crime rate compared to United State. Furthermore, imprisonment as the deterrent is more effective than death penalty. The presidents of country’s top academic criminological societies show that 84%
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