Annotated Bibliography On Mandatory Sentencing Law

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Annotated Bibliography Batey, Robert “Mandatory Minimum Sentencing: A Failed Policy” Phi Kappa Phi Forum/Vol. 82, No. 127 2002 Web. Batey is a professor of law at Stetson University. He is very experienced in criminal law and is against mandatory sentencing. This journal presents information that the mandatory sentencing policy in the U.S. is a failure. It argues that Legislators thought that they could “get tough on crime,” especially drug crime. I feel this source gives educated reasons as to why drug policy needs to be changed. It also backs up my other sources with the same research results; by removing the sentencing discretion of judges, and replacing it with mandatory jail sentences, we are sending more offenders to prison instead of programs designed to rehabilitate. Information in this article also supports my argument that mandatory laws violate the Constitution. Taking power away from judges is a violation of the 10th amendment “separation of powers.” As a result, our prison population has quadrupled and is filled with the wrong people. Mandatory sentencing applies so broadly that they sweep minor criminals and drug users along with the major ones, “drug kingpins,” who are the real targets of the statutes. Bender, David L. “America’s Prisons Opposing Viewpoints”4thed.Minnesota. Greenhaven Press 1985-2006. This book contains scholarly works and viewpoints from each side of an argument. I found this source to be very useful and easy to find supporting views that relate to my argument. The book also satisfies a required source that will complete my research. The book was written by taking diverse materials from magazines, journals, books, and newspapers; as well as statements and position papers from a wide range of individuals, organizations and governments, who
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