Why Drugs Should Be Changed

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The current drug policies of the United States are in great need of revision. Many of the policies demand a mandatory sentence that is often steeper than the actual offense. Because of this many of the prisons are overcrowded by people that should not have been there in the first place. However, before I can state why the laws should be changed I would like to go back to how drug and their laws started. According to the New Batch website, 2001, drugs were not considered a major issue. In fact the only legislation passed until 1937 was only to standardizing the manufacturing and purity of pharmaceutical products. At the time the main concern was alcohol. During the sixties and seventies is when the United States over-whelmed by them. Drugs…show more content…
Going back to the crack v. powder, a person that is caught dealing or even possessing five grams of crack will get a mandatory minimum 5 year sentence. This is the same punishment for a person caught with 500 grams of powder. Meaning a person will get a harder sentence for less cocaine in crack form than a person with powder even though it has been proven by many different scientists to be the same. Basically, cocaine is cocaine (http://www.aclu.org/drug-lawx -reform/interested-persons-memo-crackpowder-cocaine-sentencing-policy); no matter what form it is in. So now we have people in prison for small crimes, overcrowding them and wasting taxpayer’s money. Also the focus is taking off the bigger problem. We are concerting ourselves with dealers when we should be focusing on is suppliers and drug trafficking. With a mandatory sentence lawyers lose bargaining chips for that information. The good news is that charges are finally being addressed. During 2007, many new drug acts were introduced to Congress. Out of all of them this one listed from the ACLU Website is the most favorable. “Drug Sentencing Reform and Kingpin Trafficking Act of 2007 (S. 1711), introduced by Senator Biden (D-DE) • This bill would completely eliminate the existing crack-powder disparity by increasing the quantities of crack cocaine that generate a mandatory minimum sentence to…show more content…
• It increases penalties for major traffickers. • Additional resources are allocated to three government agencies (Departments of Justice, Treasury, and Homeland Security) for the investigation and prosecution of major cocaine kingpins. • Analysis of the Legislation: • Of the three bills proposed in the senate in 2007, this bill is the only one that would completely eliminate the disparity between crack and powder cocaine. Furthermore, it does so without reducing the current amount of powder cocaine that prompts a minimum sentence. • The treatment provision in this bill is extremely important – studies show a large percentage of those incarcerated who need drug treatment do not receive such services.(2) Receiving drug treatment is an important component of staying crime and drug free once an individual has been released from prison or jail.” Hopefully in the near future things will change and people will be sentenced based on the crime and their part in it instead of mandatory sentencing which does not care about the

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