Death Penalty Should Not Be Abolished

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Death Penalty Should Not Be Abolished Criminals who are not afraid of being equally punished for their horrible crimes have murdered many people every year. Career criminals make it impossible for the average person to live their life without fear. Since most states have eliminated the death penalty murderers, dangerous criminals cannot be sentenced to the death penalty. The way the justice system works in some states is not fair compared to the other states that do have the death penalty. Therefore, the United States interprets the same human right differently depending on a location. How is the way the justice system works fair to society? We must accept the way it is? Is our society supposed to accept that murderers and dangerous criminals have a right to live? When obviously they do not accept it by themselves? The point is the death penalty should not be abolished since it is the only way to stop criminals from killing, and hurting others. “The federal government and most states (38) in the USA have the death penalty. Some states rarely use it. Other states, however, are known as big users of the death penalty. States like California, Texas, and Florida rank the highest among them. Since the Supreme Court validated state reformed capital punishment systems in 1977, 1,000 people have been executed” (“Death Penalty Arguments & Resources: Northern Illinois University” 2003). During this time the amount of people who support the death penalty had changed. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, “The highest level was 80 percent in 1994, and the lowest 40 percent in the late 1990s” (Bedau Hugo, 2003). In our time, two thirds of Americans still support capital punishment and they are sure that the death penalty should not be abolished. Those people believe that the death penalty helps to prevent future crimes. When murderers take other people’s lives,

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