Cantor Arts Center Reflection Essay

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Candice Rice AH20A T/TH 10/21/10 My visit to the Cantor art museum was exciting and inspirational. The first thing I noticed as I pulled up was the beautiful Rodin sculpture collection outside. The sculptures were massive, yet lifelike. I was eyeing one of the torsos on the sculpture and the detail was amazing. All the cuts and rips were impeccable. It was a body builder’s dream. The women’s bodies were enjoyable as well. I could definitely relate to their larger hips, breasts and thighs. It was nice to see curvaceous women in such a pleasing art form. As our docent began the tour the first pieces of art we saw was an Egyptian stele and figures of Isis and Osiris. I instantly noticed the size and how small they were. I think I was use to seeing the blown up images in our book or in class. I found that I had more appreciation for the work mainly because of its size. The time, ability, intricate details and the overall creativity that must have gone into making such a small figure or stele is fascinating. Our docent also gave more background information on the history between Isis and Osiris. What a story! It was full of drama and suspense (definitely more than what is offered in the text.) We then arrived upstairs and viewed some of the ancient Greek art and mainly the vessels. A few of the vessels were enormous; you wondered how the even carried them around. To see them up close was astonishing. The parallel lines used were perfect and I did not know this but the docent said that the image of the wheels was achieved by using a compass. I’m assuming this particular vessel belonged in geometric period of Greek art. There was a beautiful hydria that used the black pottery technique and it was simply elegant. So elegant that it’s hard to imagine that anyone could use it for something so simple such as water. The Greeks had three main liquids which were

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