Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Worksheet

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Peyandane 1 Peyandane Samuel Professor Amanda Miller Art-103 Summer 20xx Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Worksheet 1.Compare and contrast Ingres’ Grande Odalisque with Delcroix’s Odalisque. Please provide the stylistic period for each and list important visual characteristics. Both paintings, from the nineteenth century, portrays nude women. However, the Ingres portrayal, created by 1814, has adopted the neoclassical art style, while the Delacroix represented a Neo-baroque style. They both use oil on canvas; but their styles mentioned earlier was in contrast. In Ingres Painting, the long, gentle curving limbs remind the Mannerist painting than that of a Grek nude, and his colors are rich, reminding Bronzino’s in the Exposure of luxury, his painting looks linear, while on the other hand, Delacroix seems to exhibit good texture of paint itself. Another important contrast is at the pose level: the pose in Ingres painting is positively conservative, while Delacroix’s is less conservative. 2. David, Oath of the Horatti and the Death of Socrates. How do David’s paintings reflect the Neoclassical interest in Greek aesthetics, culture, and values? Neoclassical painting typically involved an emphasis on austere linear design in the depiction of classical events, characters and themes, using historically correct settings and costumes. Its emergence was greatly stimulated by the new scientific interest in classical antiquity that arose during the course of the 18th century. In David compositions, it is evident that the costumes, the events, the characters, the themes and the settings fit uncontestably in an historical contest, with all it beauty. His historical compositions represent a strong sense of gravitas, as well as a certain rhetorical quality of posture and gesture, along with patterns of drapery that owe much to Greek sculpture. It
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