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Canon VS Nikon What do I want from a camera? Functionality, accessibility, sexiness? Of course I want all of these and more. So who has it? Canon or Nikon? These two companies are the top dogs in the Digital SLR market and many consumers have definite, opposing opinions on each. Ask any photographer which one they prefer, and you will get varying answers. Brand loyalty, the loyalty of a consumer for years, sometimes generations, has a lot to do with choice of product. Nikon and Canon offer three different, distinct kinds of cameras, based on need and price range. Entry-level cameras are simple, uncluttered cameras optimized to produce bright, clear images with a minimum punch to your wallet. These beginner type cameras are perfect for novices and are a great starting point for photography. Intermediate cameras, the next stage, are geared towards photographers who have some experience taking photos, either with film or digital cameras. These cameras bridge the gap between the entry-level cameras and the pro cameras used by professionals. A little more functionality, a little more money, but more appeal as well. The Pro-Sumer cameras, aimed towards advanced amateurs, are the mack daddies of the camera products. Speed and a hefty price tag leave this to the people who are serious about their photography. Some people lean toward Canon because it is such a prominent name in the industry although Nikon has done a great deal of work to ensure their name is at the top with Canon. They are both popular and reputable brands and in comparing the brands on paper, there is no right or wrong choice. Each company has designed cameras to fit your needs; it boils down to price, personal choice and brand loyalty. Owning either will not make you a better photographer, but one brand may address your requirements more than the other. We will be looking at the entry-level

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