Can Herb Cure Cancer?

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Can Herbs Cure Cancer? “There is art to finding the right herb for your individual body." | In the 1980s the holistic health movement began its amazing growth into a worldwide movement. The industry is still growing, resulting in some amazing therapies, healers and health products. Cancer herbs are at the top of the list. The most famous cancer herbal preparations are probably the Hoxley formula and Essiac. The Hoxley formula of herbs, as the story goes, was discovered in 1840 by John Hoxley. He noticed one of his beloved horses had developed tumors and was put out to pasture to die. The animal began eating some of the wild plants growing in the meadow, and within a short time the tumors disappeared. Hoxley then developed his formula based on these herbs. The recipe for Essiac was given to Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse, in 1922 by an 80-year-old female patient who 30 years previously had been treated by an Indian medicine man with an herbal tea for her advanced breast cancer. Rene used the herbal formula to treat her aunt with terminal stomach cancer. The women recovered completely and lived another 21 years. From that point until her death, Rene treated terminal cancer patients successfully with Essiac Tea. Many people began using holistic cancer remedies in the ‘80s when it became apparent that Western medicine was not curing cancer. Growing numbers of people were diagnosed with cancer, often quite desperate because traditional medicine had failed them. Some sought out herbal cancer cures and other forms of natural medicine. So many terminal people did indeed live, curing their cancer, or living for years past the doctors’ predictions, that herbs became more popular. Herbs are now used to treat many diseases and health complaints, from menopause to diabetes. Although the demand for herbs has not stopped, the public needs to be careful to

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