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Noah Taylor Jason Stanwood Gifted and Talented Science 7B March 1, 2012 Mad Cow Disease Makes You Not Want To Eat Meat In 1986, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as Mad Cow Disease, was first diagnosed in Britain. Epidemiologists conducted studies that suggested that the source of BSE was contaminated cattle feed. Several cows became sick. Some suspect that they were fed sheep that were infected with Scrapie, a fatal disease that affects the nervous system. It took several years for the government to admit that humans could die from the infected cows. In time, it causes the brain of a cow or a human being to turn into a large mass of folded proteins, sometimes called mad cow mush. And this is, of course,…show more content…
2000 - In June, a cow born after precautions were put into place to stop Mad Cow Disease was discovered. A Declaration of Extraordinary Emergency was issued by the United States Secretary of Agriculture after sheep in Vermont tested positive for Mad Cow Disease. The sheep had been quarantined since 1998. 2001 - In September, the first outbreak of Mad Cow Disease was discovered in Japan. 2002 - A 22 year old British woman living in Florida contracts Mad Cow Disease in April. In August, a Canadian man dies from the disease after visiting Britain. 2003 - A Canadian bull test positive for MCD in May. This is the first confirmed case of a North American infected cow. In December, a cow in Washington State tests positive for MCD. 2004 - The USDA and the FDA ban feeding restaurant scraps, chicken waste and cow blood to cattle. They also ban sick and injured cattle from human food supply. In Britain, 180,000 cattle have been diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease. 2004 - Scientists in California have created the first synthetic version of prions. These are the so-called "rogue proteins" that are responsible for mad cow…show more content…
2009 - To minimize the chance that Mad Cow Disease could enter the food chain, the U.S. permanently bans the slaughter of sick cows. 2011- Scientists are still discovering and documenting the ways that mad cow disease can be spread. Swiss scientists now know that inhaling prions, which float in the air at farms, factories and slaughterhouses can induce the disease. This makes it virtually impossible for the disease to be stopped because there are no laws against prions floating around in these places. In order to avoid getting Mad Cow Disease, you should avoid eating parts of the cow that may carry the infection. This includes ground products, hot dogs, bologna and certain lunch meats. Milk is supposed to be safe. Do not eat processed meat from unknown sources. At the present time, scientists are researching transmission, risk factors and clues about diagnosis. BBC News. “BSE Inquiry–The Final Stage: Chronology of Events.” 1999/06/99/bse_inquiry/default.stm Rampton, Sheldon, and John Stauber. Mad Cow U.S.A.–Could the Nightmare Happen Here? Maine: Common Courage Press, p.

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