Factory Farm Thesis

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Cassandra Wood Professor Moton English B1A: Online 24 April 2015 Week 14 Project Thesis: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) practice abusive treatment towards animals to produce low cost food for financial gains, while these conditions pose a threat to animals, humans and the environment, consumers should boycott all industrialized meat and support their local free range farms until the CAFO’s starts practicing healthy humane farming. Outline: I. Introduction A. Factory farms are abusive to animals B. Factory farms are dangerous to the environment C. Factory farms are dangerous to humans health D. Thesis II. Factory Farms A. Factory Farms Introduced to America Deborah Fitzgerald, STS Professor…show more content…
(Almost 80% of all antibiotics sold in the United States are used in animal agriculture.) C. Diseases 1. Spreading of bacteria, viruses and fungi “Far from their natural habitat, the cattle in feedlots become more prone to all sorts of illnesses. And what they are being fed often contributes to the spread of disease. The rise in grain prices has encouraged the feeding of less expensive materials to cattle, especially substances with a high protein content that accelerate growth” D. Transportation Billions of farm animals endure the rigors of transport each year in the United States, with millions of pigs, cows, and “spent” egg-laying hens traveling across the country. Overcrowded onto trucks that do not provide any protection from temperature extremes, animals travel long distances without food, water, or rest. The conditions are so stressful that in-transit death is considered common. (Weber, 63) IV. Destruction if the Environment A. Ecosystem 1. Methane emissions 2. Animal

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