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Farmageddon Review/Summary The movie Farmageddon is about the problems that small farmers are having nowadays. Less than 2% of farms are small farms. One of the problems of small farmers is that the USDA makes farms have to do so much paper work. Some farmers spend as much time doing paper work as they farm. This is a problem that big corporation farms do not have because they can just hire someone to have that job of filling out the paper work. The question which the movie presents is why the USDA is trying to make it so hard for small farmers to be efficient and prosper. The first story in the movie is about a family who raised sheep in Vermont. The USDA monitored their farm for months which in the process spent more than $1 million dollars. Finally one day they came and ceased the animals from the farm and took them out to Iowa and killed the sheep for a disease that to this day does not exist. Not only did the USDA cease the sheep they also did another raid on the equipment that was used to milk the sheep and the hay that was fed to the sheep. On one of the raids the farmer followed the truck that had taken his things and noticed that they had dumped his things in a field a few miles away. So if the equipment was so contaminated, why would they dump it in another field where it can also contaminate other animals of the mad cow disease they said the sheep had? After this the movie started to focus on raw milk. One of the persons interviewed for the documentary said that she could smoke through pregnancies and give her children fast food everyday but the government made it illegal for her to feed her children raw milk. The main argument of the FDA is that raw milk can have many disease-carrying pathogens. Which might be true from grain fed cows but almost never from grass fed cows. Basically what you feed the cow is what you will get back. One farmer

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