Can a Mother Be a Nest Friend?

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Briana English 101-006 Essay 4 15, November, 2011 Can a Mother be Considered a Best Friend? A mother can be considered a best friend to her child for many reasons. When one is in need of help, the first person he/she will call is his/her mother. A mother will be there through whatever trials and tribulations her child encounters. Mother’s can be considered ones’ best friend because she is considered her children’s role model, she is always there for her child, and she is there to give positive advice. First of all, a mother is considered her children’s role model. When children are young, they will look up to their mother. To be specific, a mother is there to give her child wisdom. Moreover, mothers are always there to support her child in everything he/she wants to do. A mother is there to guide her child in the right direction. For example, mothers will be there to tell her child right from wrong. A mother will always push her child, in order for him/her to excel in everything he/she does. Similarly, mothers will always be there for her child. A mother is there whenever her child needs to talk. For instance, if there is something that is private, one can talk to his/her mother. When one is not in a good mood, he/she can express what the problem is Montgomery 2 to his/her mother. Specifically, a mother understands her child because she has been through similar situations growing up. Mothers are there to tell her child what he/she needs to hear, not what he/she wants to hear. Even more, mothers are always there to help her child with any situation he/she is in. On the other hand, giving advice is something a mother does for her child. When children are young, they are taught not to ridicule themselves. In particular, a mother will always tell her child to believe in him/herself. From a young age, mothers tell her children to do what makes them
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