Waverly's Viewpoints N Joy Luck Club

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Throughout The Joy Luck Club the chapters in which Waverly is the main character, Waverly always changes her actions or opinions depending on what her mother’s reactions are. Does Waverly act this way in order to get her mom to like her more by agreeing with her or is it truly that her mom is always right and Waverly is always wrong? Why does Waverly change her opinion or attitude depending on how her mother feels? I believe that Waverly wants her mother to accept her. Her mother continually tries to show Waverly that she is a good parent and is looking out for her daughter’s best interest. Her mother is trying to make sure Waverly always has the best. However their styles of showing this love are not helpful in growing a positive relationship. And Waverly realizes how she can make the relationship better. Waverly wants to think like her mother in order to strengthen her relationship with her. At the same time, her mother tries to make sure Waverly seeks out the best in life. During her mother’s visit, Waverly shows her mother the mink coat that Rich gave her for Christmas. Waverly says “It’s sort of a silly present. It’s hardly ever cold enough in San Francisco to wear mink jacket. But it seems to be a fad, what people are buying their wives and girlfriends these days” (p169). Waverly is already defensive as this remark indicates. She is afraid he mother will disapprove of such a present so she herself is already making negative remarks about it. She sides with her mother so that they have a positive relationship. Her mother replies to Waverly’s remarks stating. “This is not so good, it is just leftover strips. And the fur is too short, no long hairs” (p169). This is an example of the disapproving behavior that Waverly’s mother shows her. Waverly is excited by the fur coat but her mother did not rejoice in the same way. Her mother is stating that

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