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Mayer Unterberg! Unterberg 1 8th grade English Mrs. Beer March 11 2012 Changing in fever Mattie Cook changes in many ways over the book from being a child to an independent woman. She has made many changes over the course of the book. In the beginning of the book she was a lazy person who didn't do anything she didn't have to. Although in the end she learns to take initiative and work hard. At the start of the book Mattie is really immature and has a lot of growing up to do. When Mattie woke up in the beginning of the book she hears her mother’s voice and is immediately annoyed. Her mother is trying to wake her up so she can work. Mattie really does not appreciate her mother or what she does for her. She also had an attitude…show more content…
When he dies she is really all alone and has to learn to take care of herself. “What should I do next? There was no one to ask. I felt like a baby girl just learning to walk, only the ground under my feet was shaking and I had no one to hold on to” (147). She demonstrates her maturity by learning to take care of herself. This is a turning point for Mattie and this is when she starts to learn to be a better person. Mattie continues maturing when she finds someone to take care of. When Mattie finds an orphan named Nell, she learns what it’s like to care for another person. She finds Nell and she feels what it is like to be her mother. She also has the inner conflict of whether she should give her to the orphanage. In the end she decides to keep her. This shows maturity because she is showing not only care for herself but other people as well.When Nell gets yellow fever that is the end of Mattie’s laziness because she has to work her hardest just to keep Nell and Eliza’s nephews alive. “It was never going to stop. We would suffer endlessly, with no time to rest, no time to sleep” (208). Now Matilda is learning to care for other people and work harder with less complaint which is a more mature way to view

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