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Introduction Caesars Entertainment Corporation is the world’s largest casino chain. Not only do they operate casinos but they also have hotels, resorts, shopping, entertainment and many other family attractions. Within the many family attractions lies entertainment such as nightclubs, shows, and festivals. Caesars Entertainment is also known for owning the World Series of Poker and the London Club Internationals family of casinos. Caesars Entertainment does not just promote gambling but they promote responsible gaming. They want people to come in their facilities and just have fun while winning money and if not winning knowing their limit when to stop. They pride themselves on customer service and that is what truly sets them apart from other companies. Some other interests that Caesars Entertainment has are giving back to the community. That is also included in their code of commitment and that is why there is a committee designated strictly to community service. Caesars Entertainment has something for everyone and that’s what helps make them the world’s largest casino operating company. There are nine properties on the Las Vegas strip currently and they each target a different customer base. Caesars Entertainment is not a good company but a great company. What is a Balanced Scorecard? Balanced Scorecards are used in businesses to evaluate a company’s performance and success. There are four parts to a Balanced Scorecard: financial performance, customer satisfaction, internal processes, and learning and growth. Financial Performance is the “measure of profitability and market value, among others as indicators of how well the firm satisfies its owners and shareholders” (Blocher, Cokins, & Stout, p.42). Customer satisfaction is the “measures of quality, service, and low cost, among others, as indicators of how the firm satisfies its

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