The Effects Of Gambling

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Casino gaming industries in many states have experienced substantial growth and expansion. Much of this has been a direct result of explicit strategies adopted by state and local governments which believe that casinos can be an important catalyst in creating or otherwise stimulating growth and tourism within their borders. However, the success of using casinos as a growth strategy and a tourism strategy has been mixed. The actual impacts of casino developments and their contributions to tourism objectives have depended on a variety of circumstances. Also, there are many that believe that gambling and casinos lead to more problems than good. It is believed that in areas with casinos and gambling, there is increased crime, divorce, suicide, prostitution, and bankruptcy. The economic effect of legalized gambling can vary. Las Vegas, NV is a prime example of how gambling can boost the economy of the area. Las Vegas has shown impressive job growth in a major city with a low state and local tax burden. It also has spawned significant public and private sector investment. Las Vegas also has done a lot to revitalize the rest of the city. But then we can look at Atlantic City, NJ and say the exact opposite. It has been said that prior to casinos, Atlantic City used to be the slum by the sea, and now it is the slum by the sea with casinos. The areas around casinos in Atlantic City are thriving, but unlike Las Vegas, Atlantic City has neglected the rest of the city and has not put the effort for the revitalization of the rest of the city. An example of this is Atlantic City does not compliment surrounding businesses like restaurants. Why would you go outside of the casino to eat when the casino has restaurants inside that will even bring your food to you at the slots or tables? A full accounting of the costs must be done and it is difficult. The economic impacts of legalized

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