AMBA 650: The London 2012 Olympic Games

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The London 2012 Olympic Games AMBA 650 Week 7 Case Study Introduction The London 2012 Olympic Games have proclaimed themselves as being known as “Everybody’s Games”. In order to make this statement, the ticketing and public relations departments will have to work hard when pricing tickets and targeting audiences. They are predicting an average of 500,000 spectators a day, and up to 800,000 on the busy days. This means that the average ticket cost would be roughly $83.33 a ticket. The ticket revenue goal is $650 million, and 7.9 million tickets sold. For the Olympic Games, ticket sales represent around 20% of total revenue. Not only are they looking to put spectators in the seats, but also they would like knowledgeable fans at each event.…show more content…
These events will be known as the elite events, while the rest will fall into two categories. The first group will include events that England or Great Britain has returning medalists or had medaled before. Also, there are events that have human-interest stories, as well as outstanding athletes participating. Two other sports that could fall into this category may be tennis and basketball, due to the popularity in England. Basketball is a growing sport across Europe and England holds one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments of all time, Wimbledon. The last category will consist of the rest of the sports. Tickets for these events will be less expensive then tickets for the events in the first two groups. The major reason these tickets are cheaper, is because this Olympics is known as the peoples…show more content…
Also, there are different tiers for certain events, due to quality of seats. The spreadsheet is broken down into different individual events. The first events listed are the opening and closing ceremony, swimming, track and field, gymnastics and football. These are the higher priced events, due to the popularity. Then you will see basketball, tennis, cycling, sailing, rowing and wrestling. These events go into the second level of pricing due to popularity and past success of English athletes. Then, lastly, there are all other events. For the opening and closing events I looked at past Olympics pricings and the venue that they will take place in, the 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium. Prices are very competitive to those in past Olympics and offer many different tier levels. I did they same when pricing the swimming, track and field and gymnastics. (I looked at venue and past pricings) When it came to football I looked at pricing for other events that take place during the year or in the past, including English Premier League games, European Cup Football and England National Team

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