Bullying in School

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Bullying in School Bullying in school can cause problems with student’s self-esteem, injuries or death of innocent children, and retaliation occurs, making a cycle of bullies. Bullying at school can be face to face or on a computer using websites such as Facebook, emails, and instant messaging. The cycle of bullies needs to stop at some point. Prevention starts at a very young age at home and continues throughout the child’s lifetime. Low self esteem is what starts young students to bully others as they are growing up. Bullying in schools decreases a student’s self-esteem. Threats from those who bully could start online on social media, in texts, and emails (Chamberlin, 2006). Today’s schools have computers where kids are using them all the time. Schools are also starting to give kids laptops to take home to do homework. It would be so easy for a student to log into Facebook or another website and start bullying. Name calling such as nerd, jerk, four eyes, shrimp, pee wee can hurt a young child’s feelings. A little girl or boy who is in the 2nd grade has to wear glasses because he or she has trouble seeing the chalk board. There is a bully who is calling him or her four eyes every day the child comes to school. The name calling continues and becomes imbedded in the student’s mind. The child now does not want to go to school, and since he or she has to be at school, the grades start to drop because of being called names. This child is also impacted so much that he or she does not talk to peers, or make any friends. Bullying in schools injures or kills innocent children. One sees many news stories where there are shootings, bombings, and fist fights in schools. Parents send their kids to school for a safe education and assume that he or she will come home at the end of the day, not realizing that there are bullies in the school that want to
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