Matti Juhani Saari: A Sociological Analysis Of School Shootings

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School shootings have become an issue over the past 10 years. As the years goes by the amount of school shootings have increased drastically in the world. Nowadays school shooting is something waiting to happen at any given time. In this essay I will be discussing the shooting that took place in a college located in a small town named Kauhajoki. I will apply these sociological concepts that will help me analyze and understand this particular issue. The sociological concepts that will be used to define the situation are role, Social structure, norms and status and social position. Matti Juhani Saari a 22 year old man who works at the college as a chief in training open fire in the school during lectures and while students were writing exams.…show more content…
The idea of statuses boils down to certain things that we and therefore do, as in “I am a sister and I do sisterly things”, but getting from “I am” to “I do” means getting from the concept of status to the…show more content…
It’s sad to see such tragedy happen in places such as schools a place where us as students is suppose to feel safe as in a home away from home and is now a place of fear. Nowadays students go to school not knowing if their going to make it home safe. This just goes to shoes the effect that a gun has on certain individuals, for some it can change their lives drastically in a second. Some learn from their mistakes and some don’t and the ones who don’t learn anything are the ones who have a problem mentally. This horrifying shooting took the lives of ten students including the gunman life. This was a pointless shooting that rocked the community to its core. The families that lost their loves ones will continue to grieve as long as they

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