Btec Business Level 3 Unit 2 D3

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D1: In this task I have been asked to evaluate how managing physical, human and technological resources can improve a business’ performance and how each resource should be monitored. Physical Resources This may be necessary if the business has to have publicity for example a restaurant. More customers are likely to join your firm, if you have a branch and by this the finance will increase. In a business computer systems will also be needed as this speed up things and any calculations that the business has. When we start looking at the physical of the company, we look at the actions that assume to carry out its activities. A company must make improvements in order to make sure their resources are refurbished, secured and maintained. Buildings…show more content…
They might visit any inappropriate website which can lead the business to legal risks; this can lower the productivity of the business. Computers should be updated all the time; any software that prevents the computer should be installed on the computer, a monitoring system should also be installed in order for managers to monitor their employees. Within the business, the information given from their customers, clients or staff should be kept confidential and are stored in the computer. The data protection is a way to handle information and to give rights to the business who have stored information about them. Some information that has been given within the business is stored in a computer and some are too personal and should be kept confidential these could be bank details, medical records and criminal records. In a business, there is lots of information which are stored in the computer and should be able to manage it. There are a number of employees that are hired within the business therefore they share their information to the college, only managers and suitable head dept. should be the only one who are able to get hold of information of an employee. Human

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