Brutus: Is Caesar A Betrayer Or A Patriot?

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Somrann Long/ English 2/ Final Draft For many years now people have been debating whether Brutus from Julius Caesar was a betrayer or a patriot? After reading Julius Caesar and going over the speeches, I believe Brutus is a betrayer. I claim this for the reason he killed one of his closest friends, not only that but Caesar was also about to become the leader of Rome. Just those two reason alone makes him look very bad, but let us go more in depth on why. Some say Brutus is a patriot because he killed Caesar for the sake of Rome so the villagers wouldn’t have to overcome by Caesars power as a leader, an example he said “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more. However, if Brutus truly wanted to be a patriot and be the friend he should have been, he could of simply tried to talk to Caesar about other options instead of killing him suddenly, not only that but the people he worked…show more content…
Another reason why Brutus could be a patriot because he said he no matter what he would die for Rome making it a better place. What makes this statement invalid is that the people of Rome would probably prefer Brutus suffering in prison for the rest of his life facing what he has done like a man, instead of being a coward and killing himself before he was captured. I believe Brutus is a betrayer for the reason he killed not only his closest friend, but Caesar the soon to be mighty leader of Rome. Already killing a friend of yours who trusted you to be at their very side, shows how much of a coward Brutus was. Another thing is the people he decided to collaborate with had a totally different motive of killing Caesar. Unlike Brutus motive which was the better good of Rome, their

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