Bronfenbrenner's Theory Essay

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From the beginning of life to the very end of adulthood, people are socializing. Unborn infants start their socialization in the womb when mothers, fathers, and extended family and friends communicate with them. When a child is born they begin to socialize with every sound they make, this is also the beginning steps of their development. Children learn from their family’s values, morals and what is socially acceptable with in their cultural norms. They learn from their teachers, not only to master the world of academics but what is acceptable in a classroom setting, they make friends and learn certain life’s lesson with them, changes happen in technology, in science and in the world around them, they learn to take each new level of life and attempt to master it. Bronfenbrenner’s took all these steps of life and made a biological model that shows how these changes and how they are linked to the development of children. Bronfenbrenner’s Biological theory is that there are five stages that are linked to the social development of humans. For the purpose of this paper the focus will be on how these five stages, it will summarize the five systems and the influences that they have on a child’s development, how the systems in the model differ from one another, analyze the many outside influences that impact a child’s development such as mass media, provide examples of the relationships and interactions for each of the five systems, and it will discuss the impact that these relationships and interactions have on a Childs development. To do this there must be some knowledge and understanding of these systems and what they are; the first of these systems is the Microsystem which are the activities and relationships that are built with people of significant, such as mother, father, siblings and extended family, teachers, peer groups and the communities in which people live

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