Unit Cypop Task 3

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(3.1) Explain the benefits of key worker/person system in early years settings The attachment bonds of babies and children All babies and children require having warm, interacting and can responding to the needs when crying and needing to be safe. This links to the main area of each child’s future relationships. Mostly, all babies and children experience bond with their senses and this includes love that impacts a child and help change their learning as this happens, children develop to be more curious and create friendships with other children and can be good at school. At hospitals, after the babies are born then the midwife brings the baby to the mother which involves skin to skin bonding and the nurses encourage feeding from the mother to the baby. At settings, the key person will have warm and affectionate bond with babies and children but they do not replace the parents and if the key person has a long term illness so two people will care for a child in the setting. The Early Years Foundation stage states that all settings must put the key person approach into practice. The key person system is someone who has a child assigned to them and has more contact than other staff members and has a relationship with the child and parents and also cater to the child’s needs by changing their nappies and answers to their needs and emotions. (3.2) Explain how babies and children learn and develop best from a basis of loving, secure relationships with carers and with key person in work settings The significance of warming and secure relationships – babies and children start to understand and make sense of the world around them by using their cry so that the parent or carer can quickly respond to their needs and also have a loving and secure relationship with the baby. These relationships are vital as in setting and home and babies that do not have a loving and
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