“Britain Went Through a Period of Major Political, Social and Economic Change in Years 1815-1885” Assess the Accuracy of This Statement.

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“Britain went through a period of major political, social and economic change in years 1815-1885” Assess the accuracy of this statement. Throughout the years 1815-1885, a variety of events occurred resulting in significant changes to the political, social and economic system in Britain 1815-1885. Religion, along side other factors, had a major input in this change, resulting in Britain going through significant changes to keep up with the time. A major factor for these changes was the industrial revolution. Initially effecting the economy of Britain, the industrial revolution increased the amount of trade, and growing rapidly Britain was known as ‘’’the workshop of the world’, the centre of the world manufacturing, finance and trade. By the 1870’s, Britain had the most extensive railway system in the world to make transportation of raw materials easier, meaning more trade could occur, and English businessmen could acquire new markets for their trade. soon was a cause of the economic decline. Although the economy kept growing, the rate of growth wasn’t as much, meaning competition from America and Germany was a threat. This was named the ‘Great Depression’ and was a major change for the economic state of Britain. Many social changes occurred during this time period also. Social classes, the changing role of women and the decline in power of the monarchy and landowning class are all key factors of this. The industrial revolution brought about new jobs for the middle and working class, meaning they could live a wealthier lifestyle. With the economic growth of factory owners and workers, they wished to have greater political power. This mix in social classes links to the decline of power from the monarchy and landowning class. With the wealth of merchants and artisans and their increasing influence in political power, the landowning class and monarchy didn’t
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