Breaking a Social Norm Essay

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Breaking a Social Norm When we first heard about this I was really skeptical because I am not one to publicaly embarrass myself because I know a lot of the adults in this town because of where I work. For my social norm I jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed and started swimming, for me to do this took a lot of effort becuase I normally don’t do things that make people talk about me. When I was walking to the pool with my clothes on I was really nervous, I kept thinking about all the things that people could be saying about me and the looks I would get. When I got out to the pool, I was looking around to see if I knew anybody besides the people that were working and thankfully I didn’t. Then, I went for it, I jumped into the pool with all my clothes on! It was exciting, I had a lot of fun doing it and I am glad I didn’t chicken out of doing it. Now so people wouldn’t know that I was doing to be a stupid teenager with someone taking my picture I did it again this time I did it at a different place though. When I took my picture I jumped in again fully clothed into a pool at a hotel of all places! It was soo much fun and all the little kids that were there started laughing at me, I guess they thought I fell in. As for the way people were looking at me it made me feel a little self-concsious. People were pointing and laughing but the looks people gave me almost made me cry. People were looking at me like they look at someone who had just thrown up they were appaled and disquested, some people even got out of the pool. I guess this goes to show that some people really take social norms to an extreme extent to where they do not actually think about it but when someone does it they want to get away from that person. Overall I think that this project was a lot of fun, and I might even do it again if I absolutley had to but thankfully I don’t becuase I was very

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